The official FIFA 20 Global Series registration page had a glitch that accidentally exposed the personal information of thousands of active players. Electronic Arts reacted promptly and they took down the website to investigate what caused the issue to happen in the first place.

The company kick-started the registration for this season's FIFA Global Series where the players can compete against one and which serves as an event where players can qualify for the FIFA eWorldCup. All players got their registration links, but it turned out that they could see all the data of other players rather than blank fields. Of course, such a thing is unacceptable today and people were rightfully concerned that their private information was potentially seen by millions of other people. Usernames, e-mail addresses, dates of birth - all of this (and more) was exposed.

EA reacted promptly and they tweeted: "We're aware of a potential issue affecting the registration page for the EA SPORTS FIFA 20 Global Series that went live earlier today". The page has been removed and we will see what compensation will be offered to those who were affected by the incident. Fingers crossed!