LKA, the same studio behind The Tower of Light, have revealed their next project - Martha is Dead. A morbid and intriguing name, for sure! Anyway, they revealed this game with quite an unsettling trailer that will surely send some chills down your spine.

The story takes place in 1944 Tuscany. You take control of a twin who is investigating the suspicious murder of her sister. The quest to unveil the real truth behind this event will get her involved in the conflict between German and Allied forces and a world full of recognizable folklore, myths, and mental anguish.

Martha is Dead will use Unreal 4 engine and there will be plenty of photo-realistic textures to gawk at. The publisher, Wired Productions promises that the final outcome will be a "beautiful and haunting adventure that will take players through an unforgettable story... We're confident it will leave a mark with gamers as it has done with us".

Martha is Dead will be released in 2020 but we are yet to find out which platforms will be involved. You can watch this spooky trailer here: