We don't know how Death Stranding will end (and even if we knew...well, you won't read any spoilers here), but what we do know is that Chvrches is involved in the theme that we will hear right when the credits start rolling. The song is titled "Death Stranding" and it will also be listed on the official Death Stranding album (Timefall).

Hideo Kojima himself says that we will surely be touched when we hear the track in the context of the ending. Somehow, I feel that we are in for a bittersweet surprise, but I am sure that we will experience a true work of art nonetheless. Kojima also added that he's been "Chvrches' fan since their first". This isn't the first time that Cvrches made a song for a video game, and his Mirror's Edge Catalyst is still fondly remembered.

Death Stranding will be released on November 8 on PS4.