Now when it comes to games, even genres I don't particularly enjoy the most, it's important to throw your normalness out the window and go in with an even mind which is what I'm doing. So, let's start at the beginning.

Jet Kave Adventure wasn't a well promoted game, I never heard of it until now. What is it you ask? This game is a 2.5D platformer game. I haven't really played too many of these games since they aren't really my cup of tea but like I said, its important to be open to new experiences when reviewing games.

Now you are a former tribe leader who has been banished due to "reasons", complete honesty, they don't really explain why. Anyway, as you are walking around on your own you come across an alien that has crash landed and flies off to the nearby volcano leaving behind a jetpack that you decide would look great on you and it actually doesn't look so bad.

You now have a jetpack; you begin with a tutorial on how to make full use of this. Its quite easy to get the hang of and comes with a variety of moves, such as boost jumping, jet charge, etc. One of the things I do really like about this game is it feels smooth, like the mechanics and just how easy it is to get used to the core concept, something that a few games these days forget to focus on, as long as they keep the framerate at a solid 60fps then they are happy rather than focus on content, mechanics and replayability. You've got the levels filled with enemies like wild animals to kill with either your club or slingshot and items to collect with the incentive of you being able to trade them in later for upgrades like increasing your maximum health.

I absolutely love the level design, specifically the backgrounds, they are breath-taking! (Keanu Reeves breath-taking). When I saw the backgrounds it really made me want to fly off the path and explore, I think if the developers made either an open world or a free roam style game they would make beautiful levels with amazing skyboxes.

Its definitely a kid friendly game that is easy to get used to, there are a few moments that get me a bit annoyed like the vehicle sections as they are not so easy to get used to. However, you tend to forget about these moments because the other parts of the game do bring you joy. Its weird because when I play this, I seem to get Donkey Kong Country vibes (if you've never played Donkey Kong Country then go give it a try).

The graphics are really pretty, both docked and undocked, really nice on the eyes, doesn't go nuts with the bloom, lack of motion blur is nice as well, doesn't really make people feel bad when it comes to motion sickness. The main thing that puts me down for this game, is the story, or lack of thereof. You know that you are banished from your tribe due to a disastrous hunt, but other than that all you know is that an alien went to a volcano and you need to stop him, but why?!

So when it comes to this game its nothing really revolutionary, like you probably wouldnt see this game at the Game Awards ceremonies waiting for numerous awards but I think if the developers take these lessons from this game and implement them into future titles they will definitely be destined for greatness, even if they stay focused on this genre of games keeping it kid friendly because we could do with more kid friendly games (Fortnite is not included in this, that needs to stop. Please, just stop). So I do recommend you get this game, but maybe when its on sale. For the full price its still not bad but having it on sale would be more ideal. Not revolutionary and not a waste of time or as Dyatlov would say from Chernobyl "not great, not terrible".