A new Kirby game, Super Kirby Clash has just been released for Nintendo Switch.

It's a co-op game where teams of four players gather up to defeat some of the cutest bosses ever seen in the franchise. Literally. The four classes in the game (Beam Mage, Blade Hero, Hammer Lord, and Doctor Healmore) are also cute, and let's face it, they have epic names as well. A game has 100 different quests and taking up any of them will trigger a boss fight. To defeat a boss, each player needs to know their class well and the team needs to exploit the weak spot of the big baddie to become victorious.

The game also has some RPG elements - you can craft weapons and use different items and armor to boost your stats. You also have access to local and online multiplayer features and they are available in both Story Quest and Party Quest modes, so that's quite nice.

Give the game a try as early as today. It's completely free to start. And btw, check out the trailer as well: