"Too soon! You have awakened me too soon, Executus"...you know what, this guy is right. It looks like our dear Raggy was indeed summoned way too soon. Even though it's been only a week since World of Warcraft Classic went live, one Alliance guild already cleared the legendary Molten Core raid and this was such an iconic world first kill indeed.

The honor goes to the Alliance guild APES on Gehennas EU. They got the kill with 3 tanks and 12 healers. Oh yeah, and two tanks were also DPSing. Even more impressive is that, while Molten Core is a level 60 instance, these adventurers got in with all their characters being level 55. And even that is not enough, also got the world first Classic Onyxia kill. Bloody well done!

World of Warcraft Classic is live since August 27. You can see their epic action here: