I am Not a Geek dot com have posted Abit's current i845 offering from Intel, the BL7-RAID. If you don't want to pay the extra for an i850 board and RDRAM this board could be for you, it does have some very unique features. Heres a Quote:

    "It is hard to see in this picture but above the reset button, four of those things that look like resistors are actually tiny LED's. From top to button they are Power, Stand by, HDD, and Reset. I am not sure why you need a Reset LED, but the having the power LED and even more so the HDD LED onboard is very convenient when testing a motherboard without a case. Abit has also included a small PC Speaker on board which you can see just above the dipswitches in the picture above. Abit has put the entire functionality (except for holding stuff) right onto the motherboard."