The hype is on! No, but seriously, the interest in World of Warcraft Classic exceeded what Blizzard was hoping for when they've announced that legacy servers will be a thing back in 2017. And today, when the servers FINALLY went live, you can imagine that the influx of players was absolutely wild. So wild in fact that login queues on some servers exceed 300 minutes. I'm not joking!

For example, Stalagg was initially classified as "low" population server, but it became a "high" population server in no time and the queue time reached 400 minutes. So, yeah, if you have a character there, good luck getting in. At the moment of writing, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Kromcrush, and Kurinnaxx are the only low population realms, but that can change any minute.

Here's a real toast to celebrate WoW's 15 anniversary. There may be other great MMOs, but good old World of Warcraft is still the king here. These events show it. Thank you Blizzard for giving us such an amazing game and for making the old world accessible again. Cheers!