Metal Wolf Chaos was released for the Xbox exclusively in Japan in 2004. You are the fictional President of the United States, Michael Wilson. You Pilot a mech to engage in battle against the rebelling military, led by Vice President Richard Hawk. Your Mech can be equipped with up to eight weapons from the selection of over 100 other various weapons. This game went on to be somewhat of a legend. Difficult to acquire it, and even more difficult to play outside of Japan. Most of the fans got to experience via YouTube videos. Devolver Digital and FromSoftware have partnered together with developer General Arcade to modernize Metal Wolf with updates to the game including upgraded visual fidelity, refined controls and gameplay, new save system, and 4K support for modern displays.

You are President Michael Wilson and you are going to be putting on a very special Op suit today. You ask your assistant to get it ready for you, right after a short arm display of the suit, you jump out of the top of the White House and putting a big gaping hole in the structure. Landing on your feet, a very corny, Let's Party, comes from the voice of the President, Welcome to the White House! Lol. It had me rolling! I mean back in early 2000's this was pretty badass and would have had people shouting going, hell yeah! Since it is now 2019, the script sounded bland to say the least. All in all, it is pretty cool to experience a game that has such early 2000's spunk in it. Throughout the game you will be hearing a lot more of the script sounding old. If the younger generation were to play this game, I'm sure that they would think it was stupid and dis it, but me, it takes me back and can be very euphoric. If you are an older gamer and you grew up in the 90's, 80's or even before those dates, I'm sure you will dig this game and all it has to offer. This game shows you how far we have come in gaming, graphics and the actors themselves that play the roles of video game characters. Since this did not release in America until now, I feel pretty honored to be playing and reviewing Metal Wolf Chaos.

Your mech suit is your weapon, and speaking of weapons, you can hold up to 4 weapons on each side of your suit. By pressing the B button, you will release what look like wings, made of weapons. You can select your individual weapon by pressing either LT or RT. Some weapons though, can only hold up to one. Meaning, if you pick a big weapon that does major damage, you'll only be able to tow that weapon on one shoulder instead of both. An example of having two separate guns on your suit's shoulders can be looked at like having a shotty on one and an assault rifle on the other. LT will shoot the left selected weapon and RT will shoot the right selected weapon. You can also shoot them both out at the same time if you'd like.

Finding hidden weapons isn't too hard at all. Simple thing to shoot everything you see. You'll soon find that after shooting a dozen things, bullets, shields and guns will be available to pick up. For me, I shoot everything in sight. You lose a lot of ammo in this game and it isn't a bad idea to find as much as you can along the way. The weapons you find will become available after you end that level. Having done so, a prompt will appear and tell you what exactly you have unlocked. Before going to the next level you'll have the option to select and equip the weapons and have a chance to see what you have picked up in the previous rounds. When I say shoot everything, I mean everything, trees, barrels, everything.... Having already picked up many weapons, I know now that some weapons have two parts but come together as one. They are very powerful. One I like a lot is the rocket launcher that shoots like 6 or 7 rockets at a time. Though it is not good to use this weapon for shooting objects to find loot, it is good for destroying enemies.

A good method to dodging, is jumping in the air and holding X. This will allow you to jump, and the shoot from left to right pretty fast. Pressing or holding X on the ground will also allow you to use your boosters, but not zip back and forth, as if you were in the air. Either way, it is a good move to use when in a corner. I slipped up and pressed the D Pad and found out that I can actually taunt the enemies. Although the computer enemies do not respond to it, I thought it was unique. Back in the day you did not see a lot of taunts, I am pretty sure that they didn't start getting popular until later on, when Destiny came out. Any ways, I pressed it and I heard the scruffiest voice ever saying, "Your Toast" and "Oh My God". Haha, man, this is just great! So dramatic and seems like it came right out of a B rated movie in the 90's! The way this game can make me feel old is ridiculous.

This is a gem of a game only released in Japan in 2004 until now. With the new updated features and 4K support for modern displays, this is the game we wished we had in 2004.

No more wishing, it is here, and it is good.