With much consulting with a good friend Garry Hodge, I jumped into writing about the Iron Crown event on Apex Legends. He was of much help and with him being an avid player, a better look at what people are talking about lately. The likes, dislikes and the good with the bad. I was asking mostly about the loot and the whole micro transaction deal. Our writer Darren Pearce already did a piece on "micro transactions" this is not what I'm writing about, it just pops up. Keeping that in mind, we are going to dive into the limited time event.

The loot is what a lot of people are hungry for, why do you think they have a micro system set up? I mean as a video game player, yes, I love skins and weapon skins, but it is not tempting enough to make me spend real money. After missing time in any game with a loot system, I feel like I missed out on a lot and that doesn't really make me want to jump back in for a lot of reasons. One would be all the progress that I missed for earning loot. If you play battle royal games, then you know there are tiers of getting loot after you surpass that certain level/tier. Not all loot that is advertised is procurable due to having to open Apex Packs, and having to have the Battle Pass purchased. It is all random except for the tier loot, that is guaranteed. On that note, the Iron Crown added pricier loot boxes. In order to get the new heirloom items, you will have to buy 22 loot boxes. The Iron Crown is, in my opinion, focused more on the collectors of the game. The price raised on micro transactions and the fact that really all anyone can look forward to is the new collection of skins. Playing of course is free, but the new cosmetics come at a steep price. A normal Apex pack will cost 100 Apex coins, which will come up to $1 in American currency. The Iron Crown Packs on the other hand add up to 700 coins and roughly $7. That is insane!!! I mean who in their right mind would pay that much for skins? I am not knocking whoever has, I am just saying for me, not an option. I will suffer the consequences of not looking cool in the now skins. Lol.

Solos mode was released in the new season as well, it will last for a short time. It is only a temporary event. In Apex you are paired up with two other ppl, whether that be friends or randoms, making up a 3 man team. In this event you are able to trudge alone. I do not recommend jumping in not knowing anything and trying to be a front line soldier. Yes, same concept when it comes to a battle royal game, but the movements and the gear looting is a little different. Solos are a way to prove to yourself and others that you are an Apex legend and are good enough to run with the big boys and girls. You have no friendly cover and cannot be revived, when you are down, you're down. End of game. Myself, I would rather go at it alone. When playing a regular match and you are paired, you have to follow the master and the jump master controls where you drop. Yes, you can disengage the following and venture off on your own, but you will not have friends around if you run into a gang of 3 enemies.

Another new update is music packs. You can change the music you hear when you drop and when you win, with more themed music packs. New emotes for each legend while in the arena, customized loading screens and new challenges to complete for in game awards. Then the main course, new cosmetics. As I mentioned before, they are way more expensive and, in my opinion, not worth it.

The likes are very simple. A lot of people love what Respawn Entertainment are pushing out, with the exception of more expensive purchases. Apex became very well loved after release. At the time I did not think it would become so popular because of the flood of battle royal games that were coming out but, it did. As a Titanfall fan, I am a supporter of Apex, I just don't play a lot due to obvious reasons. The new legend, Wattson, improved battle pass, new weapon, L-Star and ranked leagues. These are all cool new additions. With the new Battle Pass you gain exclusive rewards that you would not get if you didn't purchase the Pass. Every time you level up, new loot. Most people are looking for the new skins. That's really all anyone can look forward too. Besides the new legend and gun, which I am surprised they introduced, all Apex has to offer is cosmetic loot. The newest looking skins and emotes are what move this community, besides showing others who is the best when it comes to competition. Listening to the fans, a lot more has been done. Which is good when it comes down to any developer. If you don't listen to your fan base, you basically have nothing.

The dislikes have come to surface in a couple of forms. The buying of the loot boxes and spending so much money, only to come up with mediocre items in the end. If the prices are being raised, then better loot should be procurable in every pack. After buying so many, the heirloom items should be obtained, but after talking to a buddy and finding out that he didn't get what he was supposed to, well that is just poor in my opinion. This is why I cannot and will not spend money on in game items. So, why the big raise on the loot boxes? I don't know. What I do know is that as long as people keep buying the loot boxes, the items will be raised and the pricey loot will continue, ignoring the cries for micro transaction catastrophes to stop.

This, article touches on the new items and loot available for the Iron Crown event and the likes and dislikes. This is not about the microtransactions, I have a loud voice towards the bull crap. I do not and will not ever support the in game money purchases.