Ori and the Blind Forest is not an Xbox Exclusive for a while now. PC players have enjoyed this masterpiece for years now, and as it was announced now, Switch players will finally be able to put their hands on it as well. Namely, we've got a confirmation that Ori and Blind Forest will be making its way to Nintendo Switch during Nintendo's Indie World Showcase.

The release date has been set for September 27, so mark that day on your calendar everybody. It won't be a standard version of the game, but (as expected) the Definitive Edition instead.

Now is the right time to play this game if you haven't played it already as a sequel has also been announced. Ori and the Will of the Wisps has been announced for Xbox One and PC at E3 2017 and those who have the Xbox Game Pass will be able to enjoy it from day 1. No other info yet, but that will (hopefully) change in the near future.

You can watch the whole presentation at Nintendo's Indie World Showcase here.