A studio responsible for an impressive storybook adventure, Burly Men at Sea is preparing another game with a similar concept. Yep, Brain&Brain are working on a new game and it will be called Wooden Nickel. It promises to be a game with unique visuals and just as unique mechanics.

The presentation is by far the game's biggest hook. You're a traveler stopping through a small town on your way across America where you will "step inside the articles and advertisements of a colorful Old West newspaper that responds to your part in its story". In other words, there will be plenty of stories going on at the same time and all of them will stay true to the time period as well as theme.

The game will apparently revolve around: "an increasingly interconnected set of mysteries, absurdities, and unexpected friendships-or hostilities". Sounds promising indeed. Anyway, it will be playable at Pax West inside the Megabooth near the end of the month, so you may want to check it out if you happen to be around Seattle at that time.