A 40-year old man has been arrested last Friday after being frustrated by one of Square Enix's mobile games and sending death threats as a result.

Fuji News Network reported that the man e-mailed threats to the company, stating the following: "Give me back my money from your shit game... Do you want a repeat of Kyoto Animation" ? The Kyoto Animation attack was a national tragedy in Japan and 35 employees lost their lives after fuel was lit in the studio. It was one of the greatest incidents in the country ever since the end of World War II.

This is not the first time that Square Enix receives threats like this, as back in March, a 25-year old man sent the company notorious death threats as well after failing to unlock a special item in a gacha game.

We hope that incidents like these will never repeat again and we are strongly against any type of gaming toxicity. People like these should be dealt with promptly and we're glad that the police did its job well. May it be a lesson for anyone who attempts to do something as horrible as this.