Killstreaks Resurrected

 Killstreaks haven't been in a Call of Duty game for a while now and the replacement, scorestreaks, have gotten a good response. It takes more skill with killstreaks. Scorestreaks are a little easier on the player due to participation in objectives. You don't necessarily have to kill anyone in order to get points toward scorestreak. Which can be a UAV, dogs or Hell Storm. They have come out with perks to where you can actually stack your score streak points even if you die. Usually, you'd die and your points would start from zero. Having these new perks where you can stack, it makes it way easier to get the streaks. I know some people are going to be pissed. While others, on the other hand, will enjoy the old school feel of having killstreaks. It's up and down depending on who you ask. I'd say the younger generation will be the ones to complain about going back. It is being done and if they do complain well, it does absolutely nothing. Can't fix what isn't broken.

Personal Opinion

My opinion on this matter is simple, I love it. Not because there is going to be drama all over the internet, or that people will make a big fuss, and nothing will happen. No, it is because that is what I grew up on. It takes more skill than scorestreaks. You have to procure these streaks by killing and not dying. That is a lot more rewarding. No shortcuts just straight stack the body count and if you are good enough you can pull out a 15 20 Killstreak. I can see the game calming down and that is another good thing about resurrecting the Killstreaks. You'll have to take your time and pick off your enemies. Yes, there will be camping again as always, but that will always be. So, let's just take the positive with the negative. These opinions are mine and friends I have consulted with about the situation, not a whole community's final word. So, judge for yourself. I'd love to hear what you have to say about this subject. I will not disregard Score Streaks either. I like them as well. It helps the ones that do not know how to play as well as others. It gives players an opportunity to earn a strike by participating in capturing a flag in domination or picking up a tag in Kill Confirmed. Either way, they get points and it adds up to getting their streak. I stick with what I said, but I feel the pain as well with the Score Streak going.

let's break down Killstreaks VS Score Streaks. This next little segment will break down the difference between the two, the ups, downs and what people think. I, for one, think it will be a good thing only because it makes the ability to acquire a streak a little harder. What I ultimately mean by that, is that it will take more skill to do so.


Almost self-explanatory, right? Maybe, but let's jump into it anyhow. Killstreaks add up to a streak as you kill an opponent. If you want an "Air Strike" then you need 10 direct kills without you, yourself getting hit with hot lead. Like I said, easy. Kills add as points toward the streak of your choice and you cannot die while trying to accomplish this feat. If you die, you start all the way over. Some of these streaks, demand skill. If you want to bring the big guns out, you'll have to get 15 to 25 kills, without dying!!! Now I have gotten 20, but never the nuke, the nuke I believe was 25 kills. That streak ended the game because come on, who can survive a nuke? Game over. Man, that takes some skill and I know it is going to shake the CoD community up a lot. Almost like giving everyone a chance to do something new instead of all of the same Call of Duty material. This is what it was about back in the day. I welcome Killstreaks.

Score Streaks

Another very easy term to break down. Your "Score" is what helps you get up to your desired streak. Capturing flags, assists, picking up tags, it all adds up. This was created so that everyone could feel like they were a part of the team just as much as the next man. Even though that is sometimes the case, the players still have a good chance at getting Care Packages, Lightning Strikes and other variants of the streaks. So, all in all, this is a little easier for the player. This may bring up some tension when this feature goes away.

What We Know So Far

The Killstreaks we were shown consisted of three that have positively confirmed. They are as follows.

Juggernaut is a beast of a Killstreak. Heavy-duty armor and an almost unlimited amount of ammo. Anyone that gets in your way is sure to parish. The armor holds up when it comes to taking damage. It will take your whole team and then some just to take down this beast.

The Infantry Assault Vehicle. You have a .50 caliber machine gun on top. Looks like a tank to me. anyhow, whoever is on the top should be a quick eye. Kill as many people as possible, because I know for a fact that if someone pulls out a missile streak, you're gone.

White Phosphorus will cover the battlefield with smoke flare canisters that will disorient the enemy, and burn any that wander too close. This phosphorus will completely destroy you if you wander near. Stay far away.

Now, I am sure we will get the usual streaks like care packages, UAV, Counter UAV, and others. To bring out the coolest Killstreaks brings buzz, that is what games and developers need, buzz. The more buzz, the more pre-orders, and sales. I am actually excited about this Modern Warfare as I have not been liking the others that have come out. Bringing back the old, will that do the trick? We'll have to see.