Blizzard have just revealed a new Hero (of the Storm)- Qhira. As both a bounty hunter and melee assassin, Qhira fights her opponents by using a classic sword (in one hand) and an Iresian chain blade (in the other hand). The chain blade looks like a grappling hook, and as you might guess, it's quite deadly.

Here's the official blurb: "A former knight of her now shattered homeland, Qhira's battle prowess is unmatched on the battlefield," reads the announcement from Blizzard. "With Iresia destroyed, Qhira has become a Bounty Hunter with an array of abilities adept at both beginning fights, and more importantly, ending them. Her distinctive playstyle is great for lightning-fast engages and dealing high amounts of damage before help can arrive".

You can see her in action on the PTR right now. And feel free to watch the video below to learn more about her skills and abilities.