Godhood is an Early Access strategy game stemming from three years of development by Abbey Games that puts you in the commanding seat of your own religion. Starting off as many do, an exiled member of a former religion decides to create their own! And you, my friend, are in the pilot's seat to take up such a massive and world changing task!

Start off by tailoring the religion as you see fit, from what you'll be adressed as (I went with "Your Loveliness"), to what your followers are called. Of course, choosing your alignment with good, evil or neutral is a must, and depending on how you would like to play it -- you can be cruel or kind. 

You'll have the opportunity to travel out and convert the godless to your religion, taking place in a turn for turn battle of the numbers. It's interesting to equip your followers with the tools they need to overcome these challenges as well; certain classes will have effects on the turns and combat itself, in addition to other stats that will mold their place in your religion. Fleshing out your infrastructure is also a massive part of your godly duties and will increase your influence on the world around you. Different tiers of leveling up to gain benefits with both the buildings themselves, your followers and you will be sure to keep you busy for some time to come. Rewards and upgrades will also trickle in as you progress, adding positive buffs to certain actions, furthering your omnipresent agenda. The more you convert, the more followers you gain, the more influence you have and the stronger your word as a deity will become!

Godhood has some adorably cute visuals for such a heavy concept, really reminding me of the older Black & White games. As it's still in development, so I can't quite speak on how the followers will act in the final release, but I do know they hold a bit of fun for now. I look forward to seeing the final product with this ambitious and very tempting concept. Personally, I could play a whole game based on the world traveling and turn-based combat alone, but the resource management side adds a wonderful extra level of depth and enjoyment to the overall gameplay. As for the followers of "Cutie Beautism" (That's my religion's name), Your Loveliness will sit atop her throne in anticipation of it's release in the coming future!