EuroGamer has posted a report on Microsoft's Xbox roadshow for the UK - Xperience. The Covent Garden-based Nutopia played host to the show and they weren't really thrilled with that decision, but they say that the games more than made up for it, and Xbox is certainly shaping up interestingly. Here's a snippet:

    "Back at the beginning of September, Nintendo put on a show in Westminster to demonstrate GameCube to hundreds of journalists and gamers. The event wowed visitors. By comparison 'Xperience', the Xbox equivalent staged in Covent Garden's Nutopia this weekend, has failed dismally to arouse excitement amongst its guests. It may yet be a success - it continues for the next few weeks, with excursions to other cities around the country along the way - but the crowds at the Nintendo Show were buzzing, while the only frenzied swarm we saw in the unusually dingy Nutopia this weekend was around the exit."