Dragons have become so popular in gaming culture (and not just there) that almost no game can pass without one. Believe it or not, Apex Legends is one of these games too - the game now it has dragons too. Awesome.

During an E3 livestream, we saw a Season 2 trailer and the biggest impression came in the form of dragons. We also saw Drew McCoy saying: "we've got, perhaps, a couple of big things coming into Kings Canyon at the start of season 2. So, keep your eyes peeled over the next month. See what you can find out".

Players have spotted dragons flying around the map and they might drop some really nice loot if you manage to take them down. Time will tell, though, if I'm right, though.

Apex Legends season 2 will begin on July 2 and one thing is certain - it will be fun as hell! Now that we know that dragons will also arrive as a part of the new season, we can say that the game has a very bright (and epic) future.