Littlewhitedog has just completed a review of a new product from Arctic Silver Inc. called Arctic Alumina. Alumina is a new ceramic based thermal compound that is designed to perform close to its older sibling Arctic Silver II at a lower cost to you. It should be available around November 20th, so make sure you check out their review to get a sneak peek at this new product. Quote:

    Arctic Alumina is different from its predecessor Arctic Silver II, because it contains no silicone, where Arctic Silver II contains between 18 - 22% silicone. The Alumina compound uses a layered composite of Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) and Boron Nitride (BN), which, if you remember from Engineering Class are both considered ceramics. Both of these materials have good thermal conductivity and electrical resistance, thus making Arctic Alumina neither conductive nor capacitive. In simple terms, it means if you accidentally get a little bit on the bridges on top of your CPU, the materials that make up Arctic Alumina should prevent those bridges from inadvertently or accidentally closing. Note also the product name, "Arctic Alumina" is derived from the fact that Aluminum Oxide is commonly referred to as "Alumina."