City of Brass is a single life RPG. You go through the levels given and complete them, but if you die, you actually have to start all the way over. There is no save zones or spaces. This is an ok game except for the dying and having to do everything again from scratch. 0ne good thing about that bad taste left in my mouth is that the levels always look different. So, if you start off with a gate and certain enemies in the beginning, the next time you start, your surroundings will be different. I think that was the only thing that kept me from completely resenting this game.

Set in an almost Arabian Nights theme and a Prince of Persia feel, this RPG was otherwise in pretty bad condition. The graphics are decent, and the overall mechanics of the game are smooth. The Fool, one of the few characters you can pick has a whip and a sword. Drinking of potions and killing of skeletons along with looting are the main grind. Each potion will give you different immunities or buffs. You start off with four gauges of life so staying alive is essential. The objective to me is getting better and better so that you can just keep going. It gets frustrating getting to the second stage and having to start all the way over after dying.

Throughout the levels you will come across the genie Bhetun The Curative, and others, that will for a price, grant you some health and boosts. Grab all the treasures you can because these guys can be expensive. 

Traps and fire balls can be a real pain in the butt and there really is no getting past the fire, so running is key. Traps on the other hand, you can whip, spring those and run past. Keep an eye out for these and try not to get caught up on running, or you will fall victim to spikes. As far as enemies are concerned, they will horde you and it can be real overwhelming trying to focus on all of them. Take out the ones in front of you and just keep moving. Laying around you can find lanterns that will ignite when thrown and when contact has been made, fire braziers are also good traps to smack when there are multiple enemies swarming you. Finding ways and means to kill these enemies without putting yourself in danger is huge. Along with the dying and starting over, you also have to worry about an hourglass that, when runs out, so does your life. This is a very hard pressed and fast paced game; in a lot of cases it is not fun and mostly comes down to instinct of staying alive. 

When you do make it to the next level you will only start out with the life you ended the prior level with. So, if you have one heart, that's what you get the next time. It's really a pain. So, for this reason I did not love the game or really enjoy it. There wasn't time for me to actually enjoy what I was doing when I was constantly running for my life and worrying about time. They could have done without a lot of the crap that was put in here. I am stuck somewhere in between the fact that the game is bad and not the worst I have ever played.

I didnt get far due to sheer difficulty, I can not tell you anymore than what I have now. Not about the unlockable characters or if there even are any bosses. This game was pretty much a mess thrown together without much thought. In the end I chose to go with an Avoid score, it was not an easy assessment, but in the end, it was clear that I really had not enjoyed this game much at all. I wish I had more good things to say and there was a lot more adventure to this game. It has so much potential and I could see where it could have gone, but it was simply bad.

This is not something I would recommend to any of my friends or family. Definitely not a game for a child in the least. I am a veteran gamer and for me I had so much difficulty with just making it to the second level. I never even made it to the third level. It is intense and I have said it before, tough game. I really don't like when studios slap shiny graphics and trailers on a game only to have you spend your money and realize you made a mistake. I feel that if I had paid for this game I would have been truly upset. I think that having played this game made me realize that I am glad I have a voice and can share my opinion. I may not know exactly what the goal was for this game, but to me it felt fake, like painting over an old rusty bike and selling it for full price.