, has posted an article entitled, "Is The Gaming Industry Dying?". The article goes on about games and how they have not changed in ages and are getting pretty boring, I guess you could say the title says it all! Heres the intro:

    As of late, I'm pretty depressed about the game industry. There is no longer anything truly creative, no longer anything innovative. There are exceptions, but they are rare. We see shelves upon shelves of "me-too" products, along with the latest EverQuest expansion, "super mega ultra gold" editions, and sequels to everything that sold even mildly well.

    This is because, in many cases, publishers are scared to do anything innovative. All too many have become frozen in time by their own corporate culture. They can't move, for fear of losing money, and when they lose money, officials lose jobs. So they aprove the same old games, the same stuff that was old last year and the year before that.