Calabasas, Ca, (Monday November 5, 2001) - Computer games developer and publisher NovaLogic Inc. announced today that their proudest offering to date, Comanche 4 for PC, went gold.

Scheduled for a December 7th street date at £34.99 in the UK, the fourth installment in the Comanche franchise is set to break the individual sales records of its predecessors, which have collectively clocked up 2.5 million units world wide to date.

"Put simply, NovaLogic has created a fun game with broad appeal that offers fast and intense action gaming. It looks, sounds and plays just like a triple-A game should," commented David Seeholzer, VP of Development at NovaLogic.

Positioned as an action shooter in the sky, rated 15 by ELSPA Comanche 4 not only achieves graphical brilliance, but also stunning interactive environmental detail not seen before in a game of this type. Rotor wash kicks up dirt and debris over land and sea spray over the water, and also causes trees to sway when the helicopter hovers over them.

Comanche 4 offers immersive gameplay in both 1st and 3rd person, and was developed to not only appeal to its traditional core sim market, but also to the casual gamer. In addition to the game's scalable flight model, with joystick, throttle and pedal support, Comanche 4 also supports simple keyboard and mouse controls and re-introduces a 5 minute learning curve, a feature that debuted in the first Comanche game. This means that FPS fans can 'pick up and play' and get into the action almost immediately, without having to read through a 200 page manual.