I have never played a game by Robot Riot UG. So, this is my first experience. So, I am hoping that this game will lead me into a world that will carry me away. It already has proven very fascinating and very hard. These platformers that are making their way back are actually tough. Which is good, and I don't really think that it differs from platformers when I was a kid. I remember those being difficult as well. These new ones on the other hand, are a bit more, how should I say, aggravating. People may see all these new platformers and think to themselves, this will be a piece of cake... not true and definitely will put you in rage mode in some cases due to the game being hard. I mean come on, we have been playing games like CoD and Destiny. Those games are pretty damn hard and take time to master, so a studio can't just make a game and be and not know how advanced gaming has become. With that knowledge, developers give us a challenge, and it has been a pretty cool ride so far playing Gods.

The Basics

First off, being able to switch from the remastered version to the 8 big version, that's really cool. I am not totally sure, but this is the first time I've seen it been done. Its's pretty cool going back into a state of nostalgia, it reminds me of so many things, but number one for me, is how far we have come in gaming. To throw your knives at an enemy, you will need to do so with either "LT" or "RT'. If your opponent is on the left of you, and you go to press RT, will you'll be shooting the wrong way. When standing near or under a switch, Press "Y", this will activate a mechanism in order to move on. When killing enemies also, they'll drop useful things like, jewels or keys. You will be able to find shields that make you invincible, pretty handy in bad situations. The bottle on your bottom left is your life gauge. It's represented by a glass jar that has an amber liquid. It's best that you start throwing your daggers at enemies before they can get the drop on you. When they all pull together, they will quickly swarm you. Being a platformer there are really only two ways to go, so the faster you learn where they pop up, the better. 

Items and Powers

You will come across some interesting powers lying around. For instance, if you see the round ring with a skull inside of it, that will cause instant death to any enemy around you at that exact time. It's very handy when coming into a bunch of monsters. There are others such as a fireball. The only way I have come across this is by killing an enemy. They will drop it and then you will pick it up. The fireballs do massive damage to any enemy in your path. When you start off on a new stage, there will be a shop item lying directly in front of you, grab it. When you do you will see this huge husky man approach you with a bag slung over his shoulder. This man is the shop keeper. Within the shop you will find all kinds of goodies, as long as you can afford them. Throwing stars, and knives but in different throwing varieties. So far, I have seen three different types of directional knife throwing abilities. The first will have a symbol on it, indicating knives pointing straight forward, meaning that the knives you throw will only project straight forward. The second has almost the same resemblance except they are split apart a bit. One going forward, the other two going diagonally from the middle. Meaning you will throw your knives, but you'll be able to hit monsters in front of you while they also fly at the feet and head of the demons. The third has the picture of one knife going straight, the other two up and down. This grants you the ability to actually hit an enemy in front of you on a platform, or one who is below you at an angle. The third is my favorite. When combined with fireballs that you pick up, you could become unstoppable.

Other things in the store to note would be provisions. Food will restore energy; different kinds are available. Meat would be worth 650 coins and the apple 1,000. Being that the apple is higher in value, it'll grant you a bigger energy boost. A loaf of bread, 1,300. You get the idea. Power potion grants your weapons more power, which comes at a cost, and that cost being 6,000. Shield, invulnerability. No damage will come to you, so long as you have the shield. The shield lasts but fifteen maybe twenty seconds. Not very long and to use it, be in game and press B, then select it by pressing A. simple. The throwing stars, I'd advise against because they are weak and cannot be thrown as fast as a dagger, just steer clear of them. You'll come across a lot more magic and abilities along your adventure, look out for them. 


You will come across some scrolls as you trudge along on your journey, these will reveal secrets and tips. In some cases when you pick the scrolls up, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen. After reading the scroll, if it says something about a door, or a hidden door, you'll only have a certain amount of time to get to the secret door or tip that the scroll itself indicates. My point being is, that some tips are time limited, and if you do not succeed within the time limit, then you will miss out. Not all are time limited, but the ones that are though, will most likely get you something good.


The graphics are decent, I mean the ability to switch back and forth between the remastered version and the original, that shows how far gaming has come. It is a platformer so it's not like your looking at graphics like Destiny or anything like that, but they are still good. You can see the detail in the monsters, your character, and the world. So, for me, that is a big plus. Nothing too amazing or mind-blowing, yet not bland. So, I think the word "good," as I used earlier, sums this up.


The outcome of me playing Gods was a positive one. Just to see how far the developer has come is pretty amazing. The fact that they went and remastered this game is pretty brilliant. I have never seen a game where you could switch back and forth from new remastered graphics, to the original old graphics. Pretty rad.