The developers behind Halo Infinite are 100% confident that the next adventure of our dear Master Chief will be a spiritual reboot of the acclaimed series.

In an interview with IGN, Bonnie Ross said that the developers put enormous effort into this title, but they also thought of what the franchise as a whole means to them. So, Halo Infinite is basically a whole new start for them.

This is what he said exactly: " We're kind of calling it a "spiritual reboot. That's kind of how we talk about it. There has been a lot of introspective time to really reflect on what [we have] done as 343,' she added. 'Where have we made mistakes? Where have we hit it right? What does Halo mean to all of us? That [Halo Infinite reveal] trailer we did is what Halo means to the studio".

We're really looking forward to trying it out for ourselves!