Thanks to Playstation for the review code for this game!

Grind Time...

It's the future and there's a new sport for only the bravest, most assured and dextrous of riders.

The object of this sport, is to survive a track suspended in the air by some fancy anti g technology whilst riding a mono cycle.

The bike consists of a seat or cockpit area and two or more arms extending outwards from the hub formed by the cockpit. The mono rails are cool coded, Blue, Violet, White, and Yellow (there are others you discover as you progress but you get the idea).

But how do you play? What do you do?

You grind that's what. 

By the seat of your pants/skin of your teeth...

A simple application of pressure on the left stick, propels your mono cycle along the circuit.

The only button you really need is the X button to jump, and another input from the left stick, means you can perform tricks or stunts, such as forward rolls, back flips etc.

The only thing holding you onto the track is that wheel, and gravity and you are fine as long as you are riding a track that matches the colour of the wheel that you are using.

By riding the correct rail you will rack up your points, stunts will boost your stunt score and style bonus, so violet wheel to violet track, that's fine, Blue to Blue is fine, Violet to blue? Bang.

Blue, Violet to white is safe but you will lose any bonuses accrued. However should you make contact by error with a yellow mono rail, it's race over and it's back to the start. You can avoid termination by hitting the triangle button which will reset you back on the start line.

Over rail, under rail, mono cycling free....

So you will ride on the rail, under the rail and along the rail, whilst hugging the line, trusting gravity and speed to keep you going. It looks simple but it's not. Rails will change colour faster and come closer together or at time you will see a gap and you hope you have enough momentum enough to perform a double, triple or even quadruple jump to bridge that air space. 

But watch out for those yellow devils, waiting to trip you up and wreck your race as well as your bike.

What's there is nice but....

I wish there was more to it than that.

Sure it's easy on the eye, has a decent soundtrack but there's a steep learning and difficulty curve that may put some folks off. 

But what it lacks is co-op or multiplayer modes. There is only an online league table where the best scores and track times are logged and that's it. It feels lacking, NOT unfinished but lacking in options and content.

If it had some sort of split screen racing between two local players or on line competitive racing then you would get more for your money. It's not expensive, true but I still felt that I would feel somewhat disappointed in what I have for my hard earned money.

It's NOT terrible, in fact it's quite entertaining and as the banner says it's a nice alternative to some games offered out there, but be aware, I feel you could have got more for your money and it IS quite frustrating at times.

But if you like Fusion Trials type games then this could be for you. Worth a try at least if there is a demo version available.