Proud Mode is already a trademark of Kingdom Hearts 3. If you like a good challenge and you don't mind dying a bit more often than you should, Proud Mode is here to satisfy these needs. But, what if there was an even tougher mode lurking beneath the surface? Yeah, it appears that we have it!

According to a Twitter user Keytotruth, he stumbled upon something very interesting while playing around with the core files. He actually discovered a whole different mode called "Critical Mode" and this is actually even more brutal than Brutal. Both your HP and MP bars will be significantly decreased and you will end up soaking double damage. Ouch!

Among other interesting details, we have to point out that we also have a hidden spell called Curaza. Furthermore, we have a ton of new keyblades that we can equip, but in practice, only Riku's keyblades will actually inflict some damage.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is extremely popular already and it's just as iconic as its predecessors. Give it a try if you haven't already!