Ghost Fish Games have unleashed a Virtual Reality real-time experience strategy game called Tabletop Gods. You lead your troops to battle in this tabletop-inspired strategy game. Set traps before each round to help defend your towers (strongholds) and bolster your defences. Use your units and magic effectively, for each move made needs to be met with precision and speed. Fight as either the Humans or the Undead, with each unit having their own unique skills to use in battle.

Now this game is in early access stage so there will probably be changes and more content coming, just keep updated on their Steam store page. Tabletop Gods is definitely not what I expected, which is a good thing and actually had become what I enjoyed most. I initially thought "oh here we go with another card game". This game is much more than that, and far more complex than a simple dice or card game and I was so happy to be wrong about my assumption. People who are a fan of those kinds of games, or even games like Dungeons & Dragons games will definitely enjoy themselves. Even if you're a casual gamer, this is still something that should at least be experienced so just buy it on Steam and if it's not for you just get a refund, Steam are good like that, just don't say it was only to try it.

Once you have completed the tutorial, you will find out whether or not you'll enjoy Tabletop Gods. You might not find out during the tutorial, but immediately afterwards I realised where I stand on the game. Now it can be a hit or miss with most players, as it can be this simple toss-up in the beginning of the fight. Once you get going, it can help you open your mind to new experiences and strategies on the spot. What this means is that you will have to micro-manage a lot of your time in the game just to survive and even outsmart your enemy. You zoom out on the map, there might be people attacking one of your towers.

All is not lost either, because if one of your strongholds goes down, you gain some extra mana points to use in battle. It's a small boost, but if you're losing troops pretty heavily then you might find yourself having to forfeit. With Tabletop Gods, it was surprisingly difficult to do. This is a person who doesn't know when to give up the fight. Mana points is what you need to make troops for your army, the higher the mana, the better the unit.

The graphics of TableTop Gods are really nice, in headset and on the screen. It doesn't really blow you out of the water but still impressive for VR. If you like to experience this with your friends by taking turns I suggest plugging a TV as a secondary monitor so everyone can experience it the best.

The gameplay isn't as complex as most other games from an indie game area. Pretty much all the strategy involved in Tabletop Gods is *click to add troops.* If your stronghold is being attacked, or a cannon you placed at your defences, then there is nothing to really do except click and pray. Then pull back some and wait for your mana to recharge before going into the fight again. If you're outnumbered by even a small number, when you send off your troops, things could go very badly really quickly.

Is this game worth it? I'd say yes it is, however not at the current price tag with its current state. I'm not saying that it's not worth it, I'm just saying because it's so soon there's not enough replayability to warrant $20 with the lack of game modes and only two factions but I can tell that this game will kick off and make strategy players see this genre from a whole new perspective.