Eurogamer have posted up some news that confirms that Serious Sam : Second Encounter will be sold in Europe as a mid-price game, selling at the cool price of £19.99, however last time round the game's price was changed at the last minute leaving European gamers paying 75-100% more for the game than their American counterparts. Here's the juicy bit:

    "Take 2 Europe's Nick Boulstridge has confirmed that when Serious Sam : Second Encounter arrives in stores here in the UK it will be at a mid-range £19.99 price point, in keeping with the American release. There was an outcry earlier this year when the original Serious Sam was released in Europe, as journalists had been told that the game would cost £19.99 and reviewed it accordingly, only for Take 2 to change their minds at the last minute and recommend retailers sell it as a full-price title at anything up to £29.99, without bothering to tell anyone until the game was already showing up on store shelves."