Time advances so quickly, who would say that 20 years ago we got one of the most epic fighting games ever? Well, believe it or not, Super Smash Bros. is celebrating its 20th anniversary today!

To mark this special occasion, Masahiro Sakurai posted a special message on Twitter where he thanked all the fans of the franchise on tremendous support that they got in the previous years.

He wrote: "Smash Bros. is 20 years old today! Over these 20 years, I've seen so many people enjoy this series in so many ways - at home, at hangouts, at conventions, even in business offices! Development has always been hard on me, but I'm supremely happy. Thank you so much for playing".

Nintendo followed up and added: "Also on this day: the first "Super Smash Bros." went on sale 20 years ago (on January 21st, 1999). It's thanks to all of your loyal support that we've been able to keep this series going even today. Thank you so much"!

Here's hoping that the future Smash Bros. games will be just as epic as the ones before were.