Bungie and Activision are now two separate entities, but Luke Smith assures us that everything is going as it should.

He began the developer's weekly update by thanking Activision on the cooperation and High Moon Studios "for their wonderful collaboration on Forsaken". He also thanked Vicarious Visions as they helped them "establish a Destiny community on PC, worked with us on Warmind, and who is currently readying their Destiny swan song with content that will appear in the upcoming Season of [Redacted]".

He also added that they've " learned a lot from Black Armory that we will apply to future releases, most notably that we'd like the beginning experiences of content drops to be a better point of convergence for the player base".

He touched upon the issue of Bungie and Activision splitting up a bit further. Here's what he had to say on that matter: "Bungie is committed to Destiny. We created the universe and we hold its future entirely in our hands. The vast majority of the team is hard at work envisioning future experiences, enemies, and ways to play the Guardian you've been building since 2014. We're going to keep doing that. We're thinking about what it means to be truly independent, what it means to self-publish, and crucially, what Destiny's future can now look like for our players".

So, have no fear, the future of the game is secured and, at this moment, we can't wait to see what will the future bring us.