Everspace - Stellar Edition Review

Welcome to a space combat game where you are a one manned ship taking on the rest of space because why the hell not! Now made portable for Nintendo Switch. When you see projects on Kickstarter you tend to think this will never work, how is this still going? Well my friends this game originated on Kickstarter and look how many platforms this game has become available. We have numerous space exploration/combat games out there available today why is this one special? Right now I believe it's because it is the only main one available for the Switch.

The graphics for the game are quite stunning that I wasn't expecting it to look so good, especially since the hardware itself isn't really up to par with today's technology however things like that never really bother me since I love all consoles especially with the Switch being portable after the bad sales of the previous console the Wii U.

The map of this game is split up into different areas and warping to these areas is done by making sure you have enough fuel to warp and by aiming at the direction of that area clearly marked on your HUD and each area is quite a decent size enough for dogfights, exploration and mining for resources. One of the things that I really like with this game is when fighting enemies, if the fight is won but not the cleanest your capabilities on your ship can become damaged so if you have laser cannons and homing missiles and your cannons become damaged you can be taking on fighters with nothing but homing missiles, not the best tactical option for survival.

The controls for the game however are not the kind that you can just pick up and play, it takes a while to get used to since the left bumpers are to go forward and backwards and the right bumpers are to fire primary and secondary. While this doesn't seem too bad it does take a while to get used to since other games tend to take a more traditional approach to traversing around. This makes each fight more of a challenge, I can't tell you the amount of times I've been chasing an enemy, go to fire and end up coming to a sudden halt resulting in enemy fighters taking me out from behind.

The weapons of this game are quite impressive as they each have a benefit but also not ideal for certain situations such as my favourite being an electrical cannon where it can chain to multiple ships but requires charging more quickly. If you can't picture that think of the Wunderwaffe from Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies.

I feel like the main thing that brings me off this game is no matter what difficulty I play the game is really difficult. Now don't get me wrong this is not a problem for some people but there are times that I want to fly around and just own some enemies but it's really hard to do that when you can be ridiculously outnumbered, weird controls and your systems being damaged too regularly without a sensible amount of resources to continue. For people who play games like No Mans Sky and Elite Dangerous and Star Fox I would definitely recommend this game to you but it's not quite up to that level but it's an amazing experience to have with you either docked or on the go with the Nintendo Switch.