Nintendo continues to push old-school NES classics onto their latest console and the next game to get this honor will be Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. This is one of the least favorite Zelda games in the series, but it's still a classic of its own and it deserves a spot on this list. Hey, at least we're not looking at the disastrous CD-I games.

The game will hit Switch's online service on January 16, and you will be able to grab it instantly. Even though the game is certainly not as good as Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, it's still a good game in its own regard. So, if you're an old Zelda fan, now you will get the chance to refresh your memory and replay the game one more time. If you've never played Zelda 2, you should certainly give it a go.

After Zelda 2, we should see Blaster Master coming to Ninty's powerhouse shortly afterwards. Until then, though, we now have quite a decent catalog of retro classics to enjoy, that's for sure.