Electronic Arts and BioWare have cooked up have cooked up a brand new trailer for Anthem over the weekend and they've really raised our expectations with this one. The trailer is fully done in 4K and it lets us see some epic new content, including Javelins and new locations that we didn't see before.

Other than that, Nvidia confirmed that the PC version of the game will have Deep Learning Super-Sampling support, so we will get some cutting edge AI functionalities as well.

Anthem is coming out on February 22 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and it's already titled as "EA's version of Destiny". Overall, it's not too far away from that, but the game does have unique features of its own, so yeah, it looks like Destiny (and even Mass Effect), but it's a completely different beast. And yeah, since Bioware is working on it, you can expect a huge focus on the storyline as well.

You can watch the trailer here: