If Running Man made it's way into a modern pixelated game -- it would undoubtely be Lethal Running. Put as a contestant in a violent gameshow, you must take down a colourful cast of characters, from clowns to knights... all waiting to take a piece out of you.

A few things really stand out off the bat with Lethal Running: the HUD and general aesthetics of the screens are super slick and really immersive of a cyberpunk universe. Even putting on armour isn't simple 'equipping' it, but rather the very specific language of 'installing' it. Little details like this add up, and it looks like Lethal Running is really going to deliver with it.

Because it's in the alpha stage, there's plenty of bugs to squash yet. Even with these little hangups, Lethal Running has amazing potential to be a really fun game. The sectors feel to go on forever, so with plenty of content to play -- you know you'll be having fun progressing through. Plus, character upgrades and loads of weapons and armour to sift through as well, which is always a good time!

I genuinely look forward to Lethal Running in it's finished state! Polished, this game is going to be a shoe in for a really fun play, and I know it's going to take me a bit of prying away from my computer to come off of it--happy enough to sink the hours in. I already am pumped to win the gameshow and be the champion!