Forza Horizon 4 will be getting a DLC on December 13 and it appears that it will be quite a meaty one.

Titled "Fortune Island" is the largest DLC in the series and we will get "the most treacherous expansion ever seen". The DLC is bringing a lot of dangerous terrain and some quite extreme weather conditions. There will be a lot of cross country events and exciting asphalt races too.

Oh yeah, and we are getting a treasure hunt too. Once you've reached the island, you will need to solve a whole bunch of different riddles and you'll also want to find treasures scattered all over the place. You may want to really get as many of them as possible!

The best thing is that if you buy the Ultimate Edition of the game or Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle, you will be able to visit the island next week already. And if you have an Xbox Game Pass, you can get a discount too!

Make sure to check out the trailer as well, btw...