The biggest highlight of Black Ops 4 is undoubtedly the Blackout mode. And, as you've got used to already, we can't have a proper CoD game without zombies. But, the truth is, not everybody likes these nasty creatures. And if you're one of them, you will be happy to know that you can get a cheaper version of the game that doesn't have Zombie mode included. So, hooray!

You can grab your copy on right now for a very modest price of $34.36 all the way until January 6. This edition includes all multiplayer-only modes as well as (of course) Blackout. If you don't want the Zombies mode, you will save quite a lot of money as the default edition will cost you $63.64.

If in any case, if you decide that you want to royally screw over those undead assholes, you can upgrade your copy of the game at any point in time. You will get some bonuses in that scenario + 1100 COD points.

Great move really! I think I would want to avoid these abominations for now and for later...we shall see.