Fortnite developers have announced that they are planning to launch their own online store on Steam.

It's said that the shop will be launched "soon" and it will include PC and Mac titles. 88% of the total revenues will go to the developers themselves and 12% will go to the creator of Unreal Engine.

This is the official statement: "As a developer ourselves, we've always wanted access to a store with fair revenue-sharing that gives us direct access to our customers. Now that we've built such a store, and Fortnite has brought in a huge audience of PC gamers, we're working to open it up to all developers. We're starting small, with a hand-picked set of games at launch. We plan to grow throughout early 2019 and open the store up more widely later on. We'll have an approval process for new developers to go through to release a title. It will mostly focus on the technical side of things and general quality. Except for adult-only content, we don't plan to curate based on developers' creative or artistic expression".

In the beginning, no game engine will be favored but, later on, the license will be handed over to developers who are pushing the games with Unreal Engine.

Definitely looking forward to this shop!