Starbreeze Studios have announced that they are planning along with the Stockholm District Court. They are planning to make a big return and they will keep paying the wages and developing new games as usual. The previous CEO, Bob Anderson has resigned and his place will be taken by Kristofer Arwin. As you are also probably familiar, the sales for Overkill's The Walking Dead were pretty bad and many people thought that we are seeing the last nail in the developers' coffin.

Luckily, that is not the case and this is the statement that the team issued in that regard: "The decision is based on a shortage of liquidity and deemed to be a necessary step to give the Company the time needed to negotiate a long-term financial solution and implement changes in the organisation and operations. The reconstruction framework will include salaries to employees of Starbreeze and operations will continue as usual. During the reconstruction period, no payments can be made to suppliers for services or goods relating to the period prior to the date of filing for reconstruction".

Let's keep our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!