Beast Inside

With fighters varying different backgrounds and moves, you have options on how you want to approach your enemies.


These fighters have their own rooted fighting skills and they more than likely mirror their beastly nature.

Basic Moves

You have very limited options when it comes to the fighting skills of each character and that is two buttons one used to strike, another for dodging and the ultimate move. Now having only two buttons to work with, you'll have to figure out unique ways to conquer the opponent. Configurations are as so, UP Y, Down Y, Left or Right Y and finally running and pressing Y. The same configs go for X. Jumping and pressing down, and the Desired Y or X will cause your character to do a diving strike. Dashing will conclude in quickly tapping left or right. Not many options when it comes to the fighting.

Advanced Moves

By quickly tapping right or left and holding X you will conjure up a charged attack. Same applies for up or down. Evading is LB or RB and you will press this when the enemy is throwing an attack. You will quickly move your body to the side, so you will not get hit. When falling and pressing up and Y, you will do an upward dash. This is to save you from falling so you might have a chance to make it back up to the platform. Hitting or being hit will build up your rage meter. LB and RB make you go into Rage Burst, thus making your opponent's fly further when they get hit.

A Look In:

There really isn't much to this game. Here you find something that was put together pretty fast. You select a character and after some wins you unlock new skins for that character. There are not and fancy move system, game modes or any cool campaign. This is simply cut and dry. Over time they have actually added more characters to the game, but nothing that would make me run out and go get this. I always say that there are some good aspects to a game and some bad. This leans more towards the bad. Not that there wasn't some good, because there was. For instance, I like the general look of the characters and the background of them characters. Each fighter has an animal persona, to go along with that fighters' style. Other than that, the move system is very bland, if you are going to slap together a fighter, maybe give it a good move system. I am not dogging this game, I am only saying that it could have more content.

A Review, Good or Bad:

I'm not sure that anyone wants to write a bad review. We want the PR's to continue working with us and we want to leave a good impression when it comes to our website, content and writers. A lot of people in the big leagues are paid to write what the big companies want them to and have no room for their skills. These skills are what got them recognized in the first place and they are no longer sharp for the fact that they follow a guide on what to write. For others who truly do posses writing skills, are word and details mean everything. So, when I have to write how I feel about a game, I am usually honest, though I'm not brutal. I try to slide both good and bad in. Real people just like you and I make these games and want to see their work shine. I acknowledge all their hard work, just as I hope they see mine and my side of the job. My mind is open, and I like that more indie games are coming out like this, gives all of us more room for progress and error. I am an everyday person just like them. I say, great job on the game, it is just not for me. keep releasing more and keep looking forward, I'll do the same.

End Game

The goal is to beat your enemy down until they are weak enough to take a final blow that will send them flying out of bounds and you get a win. You have to do these three to four times.


This is not that good of a game but is certainly not the worst I have reviewed. I could sit down and play this with my daughter just to let her have fun playing such a simple game with simple controls and end game. This is not something that I'd say I could come back to and enjoy time after time.