Libra of Soul:


Libra of Soul is a campaign for your created character. In this adventure you are able to test out a vast array of weapons with no extra work by going to your character and switching them up in the menu. As you go on fighting and meeting enemies you will be rewarded with weapons. On the menu, before you commence your next fight you will have the option to choose weapons, or food. Now this is so excellent for anyone not familiar with all the weapons in this game. Test one weapon out and if you do not like it, don't fret, you can use that weapon until another one becomes available. Now when I say becomes available, I mean that weapons come in different LVL and rank requirements. If you are an LVL 3 and have an LVL 4 weapon, you cannot use it just yet. Not all weapons suit all players, and this can be frustrating. It doesn't hurt to practice. As you go on you won't have to just deal with the weapons you have you will get a lot more, with a lot stronger LVL stats too. If you are creating your own character to fight with in which ever mode, I'd suggest that you play this mode first, I chose a staff as my primary weapon, but as time went on, I chose Aspiration & Tribulation, which in fact is the weapon variation name, the fighting style for that weapon is called "AZWELL". Great style!!! It is basically an off-sorcerer stance, almost like Voldo, except you can conjure any weapon of your choice! With practice and skill, you can whoop butt and make a fast victory of your opponent. This is a fast-paced style and is very deadly when used correctly. I now know that I will be practicing a lot more with this specific weapon and weapon style. 


Foods grant you bonuses. Whether it be bonus damage or stamina, eating and collecting food is the way to go. You will automatically gain food from victories when you defeat an enemy. The foods are many as are the bonuses that come from eating them. 

The Journey:

You will meat many fighters from the Soulcalibur world and created characters that have been made by real players along your trudge to seek the truth about the Evil Seed. In short terms the Evil Seed is an Astral Fissure. After meeting a stranger that shows you the path you are to take, you will be presented with a choice between a gold sword that represents strength, power, and the freedom to choose your own path and an Azure sword that represents harmony, reason, and order. This choice, like many more throughout Libra of Soul, will tilt your Spirit Scales towards good or evil. You will frequently have dreams in which you will awaken from and find visions from within them. You have to find the cure, or at least a means to keep yourself alive longer after being touched by the darkness. This darkness is eating at your soul and the stranger tells you that you must do what he tells you in order to live. You'll travel along Side Maxi, who you encounter a little after choosing your path. You will fight him to show your strength. After all is said and done you will become friends and journey on. Maxi does not know your reason for traveling until you follow leads to the first Evil Seed. You explain all you know and what you have witnessed. He believes your story and agrees to take you wherever it is you need to go on his ship. You have a main path in this story and once you get about to the second chapter you will be introduced to exploration. These are secondary missions and will allow you to gain more weapons and items upon defeat of enemies. It costs money to travel to these extra missions but will gain money back upon winning. The further you travel from the current destination that you are at, the more money it will cost. While traveling in exploration mode, you will, most of the time be intercepted on your journey by an enemy before you even touch foot down on your current destination. The encounters occur very often. Good weapons are obtained from these opponents. Every Astral Fissure you encounter, you will absorb, in a sense, the power that is held within it. Thus, giving you more time to live and find an end to this darkness. Malfested are what you get turned into when people who are not strong enough to turn withstand the power of the Astral Fissure turn into. Glowing red eyes and a very dark demeanor. The power corrupts them and turns them evil. These Malfested live within and around the Evil Seeds. Your job is to kill them and put them out of their misery. In one case, the case of your friend being taken by the Astral Fissure, there is a way to save him. After fighting Kilik, the old man will heal your friend. The journey is long and the game well worth playing. Many things to do and discover. After this battle with Kilik you will encounter a lot of enemies and friends. Your destiny awaits you.


The map is very detailed. It will show you where your next fight is and how far you have to travel. Of course, that is if you're not after the side quests. The side quests are all over the place. You'll see what looks like a black hole on the map. That is the Evil Seed void and that is where the ferocious enemies are. 


There are a lot of cutscenes in this game and a lot of reading to do on the Libra of Soul campaign. So, get used to making the most of it. You can get a sense of what is going on in the story, most are just conversations with characters that you meet and making new memories as the character you play. Some will be enemies and bad memories, some will be good and making friends. I have skipped through a lot when I knew it was just blabbing going on. But for the main story lines a video will play and you should then watch it. I encourage a lot of you to read everything, but it's not necessary.


You can hire mercenaries for hard missions and supply them with weapons and food. A contracted mercenary will fight in the place of a player for one mission. Contracting a mercenary: Before starting a mission press the menu button, Select Mercenary and select the character you wish to use. The Mercenary will fight your opponent before you, and if they win, you beat the mission. However, if they lose, you will have to fight as normal. 

Mercenaries can only be equipped with weapons that match their own style of fighting.

Weapons equipped by mercenaries are returned to the player at the end of the mission.

Soul Chronicle:

This is the main story and all the original characters have their place. The list is as shown on the game:

  • Mitsrugi
  • Taki
  • Kilik
  • Maxi
  • Xianghua
  • Groh
  • Azwel
  • Ivy 
  • Cervantes
  • Seong MI-NA
  • Night Mare
  • Sigfried
  • Sophia 
  • Voldo
  • Yoshimitsu 
  • Raphael
  • Tira
  • Talim
  • Azsalamel
  • Geralt

These story lines conclude just like any other fighting game. You play through the story and you get the story lines and their end fates. 


I am the biggest fan of creating your own character! I was absolutely blown away with the selections of gear and the different ways to customize your fighter. Pick all the gear separately or throw on a whole outfit already premade. You can choose every single piece of gear with various colors and or designs that are of a vast selection. I have not seen a Fighter as well put together as this and is pretty amazing they could pack so much into this. From the hair styles, stance, clothing and even the items that can be placed anywhere on your character. They missed nothing here and I was absolutely thrown back. I almost, almost had a hard time making my character due to all the items that can be selected. Though I wasn't, it is saying a lot that I almost was. I can get into making a character, all day if need be to make it perfect. Well done, well done indeed.


These graphics are beautiful. Soulcalibur has always been a great game and a lot has always gone into it. No surprise that this game is flawless.


This game offers many hours of gameplay and many ways to do it. Those who are familiar with The 

Witcher fans should be very pleased as Geralt of Rivera is now apart of this beautiful and stunning fighter. This game is definitely worth the buy and worth the hours to complete it.