The Layout:

If you have ever played the old Tony Hawk games, you will enjoy this. Let's not get carried away and say that it lives up to THPS, it is not as advanced in movements and the abundance of tricks. Grind, flip and 360 spins! Great for you and your child to sit and play on the couch. This game takes me back with the old school control layout. The idea for this is to have children learn about colors and how to have fun at the same time. Crayola has been around for a long time and it is pretty cool to see them come out with a video game to this extent. As you do tricks you create splats of colors on grinding bars or vert ramps as you land your tricks. I would call this simply, coloring the world.


Customize your character and your Scooter. You can choose between a boy or a girl and can choose from many different variations of making your character unique. After leveling up through your master levels you will be able to challenge legend Scoot riders and upon beating them you unlock their scooter parts. Building your scooter with these parts will grant you better skills. They vary from good to bad. So, either one piece will have faster speed or lower splat. Choose wisely. It'd be best to fiddle with them until you have the right type of scooter for your play style.

Legend Challenges:

After you level up you "Master" rank you can then challenge a legend. By completing that feat, you will have to face them in a game of SCOOT. Just like SKATE, only spelled different. The goal is to set a score that the other player will not be able to top. So, go big and get the highest score that you can. After beating these legends, you will then have access to their Scooter parts in the store and you can mix and match to make your ultimate scooter.

The legends are as follows from bottom to top. Dillon, Mort, Katya, Luna, Robbie and the final legend, Neb. All though it says when you reach master fame there is 1 more legend that will return from retirement. 


Color Frenzy, this mode you have to try to trick and color the park as much as you can. The more color you splat around, the better chance you have at winning. Color takes all.

Splat Tag, this is tag only on scooters with color flying everywhere. Stay away from the splatter!

Crazy Crayons, race to the crayons. The winner will conclude when the time runs out and whoever has the most wins, or when you collect all 5.

Team Color Frenzy, this is a team effort and you all will have to spread more color on the park than the opposing team.

Trick Run, get the highest score just solely by doing tricks. Color does matter when it comes to multiplying.

Lands and Parks:

You can choose from 3 different types of lands which have various different skate parks with in those lands. 

Crayola Color City - This land has a city feel to it. From roof tops, city square, streets and industrial. 

Enchanted Forest - here we have more of a fantasy feel. Water fall, Castle, The Forest, Treetop Village and more.

Alien Theme Park - Rollercoaster, Spaceport, Rainbow Pods and Sky Garden.


These graphics are really cool and kid friendly. Like you pulled a character out off a coloring pad with a touch of cartoon. As soon as my daughter seen the game she got excited, so I know it will appeal to any young child if they are in to video games. 


The sound quality is top notch for what this game and the audience it was made for. I can hear everything clearly. When you jump, when you smack back down to the ground and all the way to the grinding effecst. This clearly had some affection and attention put into it. 


Definitely worth getting if you have a child or just want to escape the everyday grind of hardcore AAA titles. My daughter and I really enjoyed this game.