Bungie is being generous lately! As the company announced, PC gamers will have the opportunity to snatch a free copy of Destiny 2 until November 18.

What's the reason for such decision? Well, the game is celebrating its first birthday, of course. Is it clearer now? Anyway, there's no better moment to pick up the game than this one. Not only does Bungie constantly improve the game, but the game is also becoming more accessible to everyone.

If you need more reasons to use this opportunity and snatch the game right now, we should also add that Bungie is hosting a free weekend for Gambit Mode (November 9-11 is the timeline), so you will get to experience that as well. And, if you already own the game, you will get a special emblem for logging in at the given time.

Destiny 2 was released back in September 2017 and, despite some downfalls, the game has a pretty good run. And the Forsaken expansion is just groundbreaking. Seriously, if you didn't play it yet, now is the time. Log in until November 18 and join the party!