XGR has posted their preview of Croteam's follow-up to Serious Sam, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. With the preview they have posted over a dozen exclusive screenshots. Heres an excerpt from the preview:

    It is a nice change to go to these different "ancient worlds" with Mr. Sam and see the destruction that he can cause. The locales are as expansive as the first but a bit more organized - it seemed in the first one there were these big open areas crammed with enemies and you have to blast through them in an insane "storm the beach" type of way. There are still the "go-in-here-and-press-the-button-to-release-the-baddies" type of "missions" but we all know the reason to play SS - carnage, baby, carnage. There is a nice blend of those wide open spaces to blast away and the more controlled organized environements. Speaking of envrionments, the transition from inside one of the pyramids, for example, to outside in the courtyard is as smooth as I have seen in a game.