The campaign starts by introducing the story. The Nazis have brought darker forces to the battlefield and you need to find out what they are up to in the Forest of Fear. You follow Corporal Akhee and Ariane Dubois as you start this mission. Soon after, you rendezvous with Captain Eric Harris and Sergeant Carter who will assist you on your mission. Now, there is the story but also side missions that will become available after completing the tutorial.


As you venture into the forest, you will encounter enemies. The combat is turn based and you have complete control in each character. After moving a player, you also move the angle of their view. This will allow you to see enemies in the shadows when you look towards them. You have several choices of what to do next. You could fire your weapon, perform a melee attack, change your angle of view, set overwatch, fire your secondary weapon, or perform a special move if you have upgraded it. Most of these attacks use up AP which replenishes every turn. Watch out because you will often have enemies come from behind you.

For every mission you complete your party will gain experience. When the party levels up, so do every character. Characters get skill points to spend on special skills for them which are all different per character. A character's loadout can also be customized and an item to bring onto the battlefield can be equipped. Sound and Graphics

The music that plays during the menu screen is that of the Nazi era and the slight sepia tone enhance the feel of the game. Great attention to detail, from the movement of the trees to the petals of the grass. This game looks very well put together. I was getting just a little bit annoyed by the characters saying the same exact things repeatedly, but that's expected.

The camera was a bit weird as it just does what it wants to. The game will move it to show you something and then you are left trying to find your characters again. I'm glad you can turn off edge panning though. At least you can save your game whenever you want as the combat can take a long time.


If you like having to plan out your next move, you will like this game. Other than the camera, which is manageable, the story is interesting here. Even though the combat can be slow, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics makes me want to continue to plan just to find out exactly what those Nazis are really doing in that forest.