ActionTrip have a double review today, the first is of FIFA 2002, the latest incarnation of EA's excellent football game. Heres a snip:

    Each year I say to myself - boy, this one looks even prettier than the last one (all except for FIFA '99), and this year is no exception. The models are far more realistic and except for a silly glaze on their faces (like they've been using skin lotion all day long), FIFA 2002 models are by far the best ones yet. The animated crowds appear much more convincing (they look nothing like the sprited spectators of yester years), and the grass on the pitch looks simply amazing (beautiful grass textures), especially if you're using a more powerful video card. As for the motion-captured moves, it's obsolete to waste any excess superlatives: natural, fluent, and life-like.
Secondly they have a review of Project Eden, Core Designs 3rd person adventure game. Heres the snip:

    In any case, the important thing is that CORE managed to shake the TR license for a while and do something different. The result of their effort is a very solid 3rd person adventure game (hey, at least the genre is still the same), which some might dub as an action-adventure, but it really reminds me so much more of a classic adventure, only without item mixing and heavy-duty dialogue. So, how is it a classic adventure then? Namely the puzzles -- they are intelligent, involving and cleverly designed, and the same can be said about the level design. What separates this "action-adventure" from similar games in the genre is the spirit of the tough puzzle - one that's right there in front of you, but it may take you a few minutes to figure it out. And you feel that sense of accomplishment when you do, which is really what classic adventures are all about for me.