We start off with 80's themed music similar to Stranger Things with retro neon hues in the background. So beautiful when I first started playing. I felt a feeling that only 80's babies and generations before me will know. The music just sounded so groovy that I had flashbacks! This automatically reminded me of Defender, Galaga, Asteroids and many more. I was shocked about how fast I was stricken by the overwhelming warm feeling of my childhood. Great impression indeed.

Star Phoenix

Your vessel the Star Phoenix, is a freaking Delorean!!! Pretty damn sweet! Guns hooked up ready to blast anyone in the way back to the future, lol. We start off by testing the thrusters, maneuverability and weapons. The weapon system and the way you can acquire different variants of ammo brings me back to when I played Contra on my original Gameboy. Homing rockets are a great touch to starting off a kick ass retro shooter.

Game Play

Killing the enemies will give you different ammo, with that you can take enemies a lot quicker. With guns like, Swarm gun, Radius Shot and Homing Rockets, you'll have the advantage you need to make it to the Most Wanted. The handling is smooth and very up to date with the newer games where you can move with ease. I play with the Xbox One controller. It makes it easier to play. That's just for me. 

Watch Out!

This is no noob shooter. You have to constantly move and avoid being hit by incoming bullets, asteroids and laser beams. Becoming adapted to shoot and move may come easy for you if you have been gaming for a long time like myself. Others it may not. This takes some skill, but that is the fun part about the game. There is no reward without putting work in, right? 


This feature is probably my favorite. The Garage! Man, you have the ability to add on to your health, shield, speed, attack and fire rate. You are able to purchase special chips to make your Death Vessel stronger. Different chips include, Dodge Chip, Repair Chip and Shield Chip, those are just to name a few. All chips have different effects. Most are self-explanatory with extra additions. Two slots are unlocked off the bat, the other two cost in game currency that you gain from playing and killing enemies.

Most Wanted

In the menu you will notice the Most Wanted on the right-hand side. These are the bosses. They are as +follows. Insane Brothers, Shadow, Warlock, Reaper, Angry Bones, Wraith and Quantum Black. These guys are not to be taking lightly. Be ready and be prepared.


An amazing insert of retro space images. Black holes, Planets and beautiful neon colors. When you die the scenery will change. One background may be purple and the other blue. This is a great game and everything about it screams RETRO! The Delorean was such a great touch. The loading screen when you be a Most Wanted is of the back of your Delorean speeding through space. I absolutely love the pixelated design.


This is a must buy game. It will take you back. The thing about it is that you don't have to be born in the 80's or 70's to play it. This is a game for all gamers from all backgrounds. You must you go get this game. Absolutely brilliant.