Great news coming for Ubi's hack'em'up ! The game has just got a new milestone - 15 million players have now been registered since its initial release (back in February 2017).

The news is even better if we take into account that the next major update (Marching Fire) is just about to be released. This update will include a new faction (Wu Lin) and a new 4v4 mode. The update will be live from October 16.

If you didn't play the game yet, now is a good chance to do it. Ubi have been updating it for quite a while and the flow of content is slow and steady thus far. Having that in mind, it's not surprising that we got 15 million people having a blast in this rich universe!

Let's hope that the game will be just as epic in the future as well! That will undoubtedly result in more milestones.