PES is a stunning soccer game and has great graphics. The soccer ball itself is so beautiful in the sense that it looks totally real. Smooth, sharp and very vivid visuals, in my opinion is what makes this game very appealing. I have not really played many soccer games, though I have tried FIFA. Good game, just wasn't my cup of tea at the time. I got more interested in sports games the more I got older and I found them satisfying. When I was offered write about PES 2019 I snatched it up. I love the smooth movements of the players while on the field. The kicks and headers feel as if I hit the ball myself. You can really feel that you are right there competing.

My Club

My Club gives you a look into the world of Football. Manage, build and create a strong team that can take on players across the globe. Team Lineup allows you to sign, release and train your players which you obtain through Talent Scouts. You have many ways to scout players that fit your playing style. You can simply check the talent or attribute you are looking for in a player when you set up your Talent Scout to sign players. Headers, dribble, hole a few of many ways to look for your future players. There are different levels of Talent Scouts also. You have good Scouts and mediocre scouts. As you can imagine the better Scouts find better players while the lower Talent Scouts will only find lower stat players. You can level you Scouts up too. The better the Scouts, the better the finds. Manager is a big factor and you will be given only a few choices of managers to choose from. Managers have chemistry that will fit with your team, or they will not. You can gain perks through winning games that give you chemistry tokens which can be used to boost the chem and make your team stronger. Winning games will increase your managers strength. The higher the manager grows the better your team will respond and play together. PvP or play verse the comp online which the A.I. will be a team that another person made only they are controlled by the computer, not the player. You will gain rank with either winning or losing. No matter what you will be matched up to the same level as a player or comp. Getting better makes the opponent harder to beat and will force you to learn more skills and think about how your play style can change to make yourself better. So many ways to build your team. Tokens are given to you for winning. With them you can purchase players at an auction and comes in handy when you run out of stamina and stamina tokens. You may pay with your tokens to revive their stamina if you are in a rough spot.


Go through training mode to learn the tricks and basic skills. PES is hard, and it is necessary to learn all that you can. Numerous skills are required to win a match against the comp or an opponent. Through ball, header, pass, they all can be learned, and the exercises given put you in real life situations as you were playing the game, so you might learn what to do in a match. Several level of skill classes are put in order from easy to hard. Each one very different and challenging. By completing these training skills, you can win either, bronze, silver or gold status depending on how good you did during the simulation. The goal would be going for gold. I got all silver and gold accomplishments. I had to replay a couple of those simulations just to get above bronze. You also get in game points to spend on scouting players as mentioned above, so best to go back and repeat if you can not get gold or silver. I had to go back and replay those trainings when I was confused during a match as what I can do to maneuver the ball better. Dribbling and ball handling is very important. If you cannot control it, then you are in big trouble and you better believe that you will get the ball taken from you all the time. Tackling is probably the second skill necessary to win matches. Tackling is basically taking the ball from the opponent. Be careful not to get a foul while tackling. Sliding tackle is self-explanatory, when your opponent is running with the ball and you can't get in front of them sliding tackle will allow you to glide on the ground with one foot out so that you might procure the ball. If not done right, another foul. Sliding is probably the easiest to catch a foul with. Fair warning if you have never played a soccer game before and you are thinking about going in commando, don't. Take the time to really learn the controls.

Team Chemistry and Strength

You can align your team to work together well with chemistry. You will have an option to base your team off chem or strength. Messing with your team line up is another venture you'll want to set forth in. If you click on chemistry option, it will automatically make your team up of those who play well with each other. Strength will make your team up of the strongest players, but you will lose chemistry and happiness. Same goes for making up of chemistry. I like to balance my players out on my own so that I can control all aspects. That knowledge came from messing around with options.

Kick Off Campaign

10,000 G every day. Sign in go online and complete the instructed missions to get up to 10,000 G. There are all kinds of things you may do to gain in game points. This is for a limited time only so best to get on and get going.


One of the best sports games I have played in a long time. It is hard to get used to this game if you have not played anything like it before, but well satisfying when you make that first goal. I love the visuals on here. There is so much detail that it was almost shocking the detail put in PES. Soccer has always been something I liked just never really got into. These guys are real athletes and dedicate their lives to play the game they so love. This game is highly recommended.