Microsoft is going to bring mouses and keyboards to their latest console. That's what the industry giants just announced.

The developers will have full control and freedom to determine how they want to implement this feature, and we should expect the support to arrive on a title-by-title basis. So, if you were wondering ehether there will be an universal patch that will add this support, the answer is no. It will be slowly implemented into some existing titles and then it will be added into the future titles as well.

We already know that Warframe is the first game that will be "augmented" with this addition. We don't know when the update is coming, but we do know that it's currently being developed.

The partnership with Razer will also allow you to utilize just about any USB mouse/keyboard regardless of whether its wired or not and use it on your favorite console.

We will get more information about this project on November 10 and we are surely looking forward to that!