Epic Game have rolled out yet another Fortnite update for us to enjoy. There are several important innovations worth noting and the biggest one is that we have a brand new port-a-fortress grenade which has plenty of defensive capabilities that may be worthwhile in battle royale mode.

The battle royale mode also got an update in the form of a new playground - Spiky Stadium. Don't worry it's not really that spiky but......uh, yeah, it could be nasty if you're losing.

Save the World also got a proper update as Horde Challenge Week 7 will allow us to face plenty of Husks. As the icing on a cake, we also have a new weapon - the Bowler - Flintock Launcher.

Other than that, we also have plenty of bug fixes and general optimizations as well. You can see all the changes in the notes right here.

What else can we say except happy dying, oops.........I mean happy killing!